Thursday, July 31, 2008

Top Ten Cloves: Interations of New McCain Ad, Before Settling On Britney Spears, Paris Hilton and the Biggest Celebrity In The World

News Item: New McCain Ad Attacks Obama As A "Celebrity"

10. The Biggest Somalian-dressed candidate in the World

9. The Biggest Defeatocrat in the World

8. The Biggest Bitter Person in the World

7. The Biggest Worst Bowler in the World

6. The Biggest Friend of William Ayers in the World

5. The Biggest American with a Muslim name in the World

4. The Biggest Arugula Eater in the World

3. The Biggest Ears in the World

2. The Biggest “Arrogant” Martini Drinking Country Club Member in the World

1. The Biggest Cousin of Dick Cheney in the World

Bonus Stumblin Bumblin McCain Ad Links

Bill Press: John McCain Plays the Race Card

McCain: 'We're Proud of That Commercial'

Wonkette: Hilton Family FURIOUS Over McCain Insulting Paris Hilton

Warren Street: McCain Will Have to Go With Pity Before Too Long

Oliver Willis: McCain’s Britney Moment

Marc Ambinder: Weaver, McCain's Former Strategist, Calls "Celeb" Ad "Childish"

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