Saturday, August 02, 2008

Jesus, It Sounded Like A Violation of the Rico Act!

Actually, though humor and satire, certainly, can be sucked out of it, it was, when you really think about, pretty disgusting.

We speak of the Bush Clan (the former lackey President 41, the Court-Appointed President 43, and the one that will, mainly due to the previously-mentioned two, never get to be President) calling the "cheeseburger that sweats" (H/T Barry Crimmins), aka Rush Limbaugh, to congratulate him on 20-years of polluting the airwaves.

Much is being made of the Elder 1000-Points-of-Light giving away the secret handshake, asking the drug-addicted radio host "Do you see our man Ailes at all", referring to the Faux News Network chieftain, Roger Ailes.

And the dark anniversary had CBS News publishing this kind of tripe;

What Rush Limbaugh has provided this country far exceeds his lucrative income, the result of what Rush calls “confiscatory advertising rates.” For every dollar he has earned over the years, his encouragement to millions of loyal Dittoheads has surely generated much more in new wealth for us all.
Go over to Hullabaloo, and read Digby's post of the transcript of the call, and note the specious boot-licking of the riot-inciting Dittonoggin, done by 1000-Points-of-Light Jr.

Its' a hoot!

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