Thursday, August 28, 2008

"You're Not Big Enough To Do This To Rocco ... I Kill You ..."

Make the big wave ... Send it crashing down on us ... Destroy us all, if need be ... But punish him ... Make a big wave ... Send it against us ... Take us all ... But destroy him ...

James Temple, from the film 'Key Largo'

Ah yes, the classic John Huston film, with the all-star cast of Bogart, Bacall, Edward G. Robinson, Claire Trevor (who won an Oscar), and Lionel Barrymore.

People huddled in a hotel, down in the Florida Keys, held hostage by gangsters on the lam, the great Johnny Rocco, while a fierce hurricane bears down on them

Irony and Karma are setting up on a collision course this weekend.

Hurricane alert puts New Orleans on evacuation footing
Forecasters say Gustav will have become a powerful hurricane by the time it reaches the Gulf of Mexico and will probably hit the US coast on Monday, somewhere between Florida and Texas. Its most likely path will take it over New Orleans.
What makes this so special, along with it coming on the third anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, it also could hit on the opening day of the Republican National Convention.

Irony and Karma ...

For the attendees of the convention, with the likes of The Commander Guy, Vice President Darth Vader, and, of course, Stumblin' Bumblin' John McCain on stage, they, too, may feel like hostages in that hurricane-beaten hotel.

There are new reports that The Commander Guy is bailing out of the convention, due to the storm (which will, no doubt, be spun by the Bush Grindhouse, on him showing leadership, and compassion; Actually, it's, kind of, like a reverse photo-op).

Well, that opens up a new excuse, as the RNC is having a little difficulty getting the elected members of their own party to attend the festivities (we assume, there'll be an Barack Obama pinata hanging for the GOP kids to be whacking).

We certainly hope the storm veers away from populated land, and that human life is spared (and, most definitely, that the people of New Orleans don't get their first serious test on how well our government has secured their city against Mother Nature).

Irony and Karma ...

Oh, and let's not forget, the McCain's-Minister-for-a-Minute, James Hagee encouraged his followers to pray for rain, during the Democratic Convention, specifically, Obama's big, outdoor speech.

The only thing that could make this more perfect, is if the World Court announces on Monday, they intend to bring the Bush Regime in on War Crimes charges.

Or, the RNC delegates, after listening to Stumblin' Bumblin' Johnny, for a few minutes, decide by unanimous acclamation, they're not going to nominate anyone.

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