Friday, August 29, 2008

McCain VP Confusion; Staff Had Canadian Actress Sarah Polley In Dayton Hotel For Three Days

Sources tell The Garlic today, that the staff of Senator John McCain was so confused over the choice of his Vice Presidential pick, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, that they had mistakenly flown award-winning Canadian actress Sarah Polley to Dayton, Ohio, and had her in a hotel for three-days, awaiting the planned announcement.

Polley was said to have been "very surprised" with being chosen by McCain, especially with her long time political activism, and that she is a member of the New Democratic Party in Canada.

Polly, an accomplished actress, had starred in such films as The Adventures of Baron Munchausen (1988), and The Sweet Hereafter (1997).

Additionally, Polley was nominated for an Academy Award, in the category of Best Writing, Screenplay Based on Material Previously Produced or Published, for the film, 'Away from Her (2006)'.

Sources say that the McCain staff had believed that "he was really going outside the box", with the choice of the Canadian Polley, and that action had been started to usher Polley through an expedited U.S. Citizenship process, so that she could appear on the ballot with McCain.

When asked by reporters on how such an error, such confusion occurred, a senior McCain staffer offered only that "The Senator as been a little prickly this week."

Polley was reported to have said that it was "nice to get a little vacation", and that she had never been to Dayton, Ohio before.

"I mean, I hung around a hotel room for three days, they had me under wraps," said Polley. "I thought, if I was going to be his Vice President, I should have been reading policy papers, and such."

Ironically, Polley had the same question as McCain's actual choice, Governor Palin, when she asked assembled reporters, "What, exactly, does a Vice President do?"

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