Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Get A Shovel! ... Olbermann Disses Scarborough, On-Air

We definitely want more Convention coverage like this!

This would make watching much, much more interesting ... Probably a ratings bonanza, as well ...

Oh God, this is hysterical.

Yesterday, at the Democratic Convention in Denver, Morning Joke, babbling on-and-on, how great Stumblin' Bumblin' John McCain is doing, when Keith Olbermann, on-air (via an open mic), drops him with;

"Jesus Joe, why don't you get a shovel ..."

How refreshing!

It took Morning Joke a few seconds to put on the lip brakes, with a stunned "Excuse Me" look in his eyes.

This has to be a stake-in-the-ground, for all television host, anchors, moderators, et all.

Whenever they have a guest talking head on, and they start spouting out garbage, their erroneous talking points, said host needs to lean back, squint the eyes a bit, and dismissively, or with exasperation, jab "Jesus (fill in the name), why don't you get a shovel ..."

Challenge'em, don't just let the junk go unfiltered.

Just imagine, Wolf Blitzer, in his Curtis-Mathesesque-showroom-of-a-set, The Situation Room, suddenly interrupting one of his talking head guests with a "Excuse me, but put a sock in it ... "

Olbermann's live reaction and comment could herald in a new era.

Who woulda' thunk it - Morning Joke Scarborough could be part of changing the face of television coverage ...

Check it out ...

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