Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Morning Joke Follow-Up ... Let's Roll The Dice ... Seven! ... We Got A Winner!

We wrote about Morning Joke's "F-Bomb" the other day ("Morning Joke Teaches Thousands of Kids To Swear! ...Or: Blame It On The Cheetos, Joe ..."), and we don't know if his wife tore him a new one, or, if he, indeed, had his mouth washed out with soap.

But the suits at MSNBC weighed in.

MSNBC host now guarded by 7-second delay

After an F-bomb dropped on "Morning Joe," the MSNBC news-talk show has installed an early-warning system.

A seven-second delay was added with Tuesday's broadcast, to protect against future eruptions such as that of host Joe Scarborough, who seemed to surprise even himself with his verboten utterance.

Scarborough slipped Monday while attempting to describe the rawboned manner of Rahm Emanuel, incoming White House chief of staff for President-elect Barack Obama.

Amid his many on-air apologies, Scarborough said, "My wife is going to kill me when I get home" and spoke of washing out his mouth with soap.
It was said to be a "mutual decision" and that "Former MSNBC morning host Don Imus had a similar arrangement on his show."

Hmmm ... No Fines ... No suspension?

Seems like a slap-on-the-wrist for Morning Joke.

After all, what's seven-seconds?

Well, it could be very costly, a Canadian man lost out on a $13.5M lotto win, because he was 7-seconds late ...

And, did you know that you can "Seal The Deal" in seven-seconds?
Can you close a sale in just seven seconds? You can do it faster if you use a sales technique to make a great first impression. Seven seconds is the average length of time you have to make a first impression. If your first impression is not good you won' t get another chance with that potential client. Make a great first impression and the client is likely to take your small business seriously.
None other than the chief Faux News guy backs that up;
You've got just 60 days to prove yourself on a new job - and just seven seconds to make a good first impression. Seven seconds is all that people need to start making up their minds about you, says Roger Ailes. Formerly a top Republican strategist and now chairman and CEO of Fox News, Ailes is one of the world's leading practitioners of the smart art of personal persuasion.

You can even Look Good To Colleges in 7 Seconds.

If you were trying to commit suicide, in Ireland, and decided to call a hot line about it, you would be one caller that calls every seven-seconds.

Or, if you were in the music group, 7 Seconds Of Love, you would be singing that, indeed, things to go better with Coke.

Youssou N'Dour and Neneh Cherry have a song, titled "7 Seconds"

Not to be confused with the Miles Davis classic, "Seven Steps To Heaven", not that we could ever be confused, with spending any amount of time with Morning Joke, as "heaven".

There is a movie "Seven Seconds to Heaven", and the television show 'Criminal Minds" had an episode called "Seven Seconds".

Here's someone, just about par with Morning Joke;
STUDY: Bill O’Reilly Uses Derogatory Names ‘More Than Once Every Seven Seconds’

If you pedal hard, and fast, in the Tour de France, you can pick up seven-second on your rivals.

Well ... That is, if you happen to be Lance Armstrong

Or, just sit on the bench

You can weigh in on this;
Claim: On average, men think about sex every seven seconds
Or, fight for justice;
Stop Fraud in Seven Seconds With AllRegs Academy's Fraudulent Document Recognition...

Finally, this, Burt Lancaster playing ... Well, playing a Morning Joke-type character;

Seven Days In May - My Favorite Scene

So, you see, much can go down in seven-seconds.

Unfortunately, despite the F-Bomb, Morning Joke isn't ...

Just delayed.

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