Monday, November 10, 2008

Retro Garlic: It Is Your Dad's PNAC!

You would have thought, that since their last production crashed and burned, they would be laying low, licking their wounds.

But no, first there was the flare fired up last week

Kristol Floats Revived ‘Project For A New American Century’ To Support Neocons In The Wilderness

In an interview with Hugh Hewitt yesterday, Kristol said that he would like to set up a similar organization to operate during an Obama presidency:

HH: And I think he will be very concerned with the two issues I’m going to raise with you – national security and immigration. Now I believe the Committee On the Present Danger filled a need in the 70s which we need to reorganize an equivalent now. But what do you think, Bill Kristol?

BK: Oh, I agree, and we did a little of that in the 90s with the Project For the New American Century. And I actually think there are people talking about this. And there’s a lot of good foreign policy and defense thinking on our side, the Fred Kagans and Bob Kagans and Reuel Gerechts of the world, Victor Davis Hanson, et cetera. But a little bit of a political organization for them wouldn’t be bad. And I think we should support Obama, incidentally, if he does the right thing.
Isn't that big of Little Billy Kristol.

"I think we should support Obama, incidentally, if he does the right thing"

The "right thing", being, naturally, listening to, and following the plans, of the PNAC.

Here's their elevator pitch;
The Project for the New American Century is a non-profit educational organization dedicated to a few fundamental propositions: that American leadership is good both for America and for the world; and that such leadership requires military strength, diplomatic energy and commitment to moral principle.

The Project for the New American Century intends, through issue briefs, research papers, advocacy journalism, conferences, and seminars, to explain what American world leadership entails. It will also strive to rally support for a vigorous and principled policy of American international involvement and to stimulate useful public debate on foreign and defense policy and America's role in the world.

William Kristol, Chairman
Well, that, pretty much, guarantees, they'll be busting Obama's balls, much in the way they busted Bill Clinton's, hounding him during his presidency to pound his cock on the table, then unleash the bombers and the forces to go invade some sovereign nation, who happens to not be "just like us", and, of course, success will be measured by the number of dead bodies.

This is done in the name of "democracy", not, as some may believe, to give a bunch of pantywaisted old white farts a boner (the younger ones get "starbursts").

From Wikipedia;
Some have regarded the PNAC's January 16, 1998 letter to President Clinton, which urged him to embrace a plan for "the removal of Saddam Hussein’s regime from power,"[6] and the large number of members of PNAC appointed to the Bush administration as evidence that the 2003 invasion of Iraq was a foregone conclusion

So, then comes the news today, from Think Progress;
Matt Duss reports, “It looks like Bill Kristol may be making good on his threat to revive the Project for the New American Century. Since May, visitors to PNAC’s website were informed that ‘this account has been suspended,’ but now the website is back up, though it does not seem to have been updated with any new material.” Duss speculates that PNAC’s reincarnation may serve to boost the future prospects of Sarah Palin.

Oh Jesus, they're going to do it to pump up Mommy Moose?

Hmmm ... Does that mean Kristol and Kagan start pumping out foreign policy white papers with The Wasilla Whiz Kids' name of them?

Will they base a new course of action from the vantage point this Hockey Mom has of Russia?

It will be good for business to reignite that old Cold War ... Lots of Military-Industrial Complex contracts to be had ... A carnival of cable news shows (including their own network, Faux News) to go on and blather away about this growing threat, and how the Obama Administration is squandering away American Power!

Not to mention the truckload of new books they spin off the presses, feeding the Dittoheads and Flying Monkeys with flights of fancy.

Help Me Mr. Wizard!

Oh yeah, the Retro part;
Most People Think The PNAC Is ...

A 10-Year-Old Rap Artist (also known as Lil’ P-Nac)
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