Monday, November 10, 2008

Morning Joke Teaches Thousands of Kids To Swear!

Or: Blame It On The Cheetos, Joe ...

I'll have to look up and research Morning Joke Scarborough's position on "No Child Left Behind"

Of course, after this morning's incident, we may find that Morning Joke refers to it as "Giving The Child A Kick In Their Fucking Asses"

Oh My!

If he didn't take Keith Olbermann's advice, and purchase a shovel, old Morning Joke is going to need one now.

Morning Joke got so worked up, palming off his pontificating pea-brained knowledge, he let fly a "F___ You" in his excitement, only to be chided, in a very jocular manner, from others on the panel, and, of course, Mommy Meekstress Mika.

Joe Scarborough drops accidental f-bomb on live TV

Today on “Morning Joe,” host Joe Scarborough was discussing the calm nature of the Obama campaign and accidentally used the f-word. His guests joked about needing a seven-second delay. After apologizing, Scarborough said, “My wife is going to kill me when I get home.”
Scarborough Drops The F Bomb

Well, notwithstanding what his wife will do, or the soap, since Morning Joke is on MSNBC, which is on cable, it's doubtful that he will be nailed by the FCC.

Perhaps parent company General "We Bring Fucking Things To Life" Electric will weigh in on it.

From John Cole;
While it is not shown on the clip, and I no longer watch Morning Joe because of the endless idiocy of the two hosts, it is pretty clear what happened here- Time’s Jay Carney told a story off camera about Rahm Emanuel’s habit of using the word “fuck,” but when Carney told the story, he just used the initial “f-” to let them know what he meant. Scarborough then goes on camera and passes on the story, but forgets to use initials, and just blurts out “screaming fuck you at the top of their lungs.”

So, it turns out that Joe is a massive hypocrite. Shocking, I am sure. The funniest thing about this is that Joe hails from the Redneck Riviera in Florida, where the f-bomb is not an unknown word.
And, of course, there is such robust, dripping irony here.

Glenn Greenwald points out (in his "Joe Scarborough: Hoisted by his own sanctimonious petard"), what will quickly surface, the hypocracy of Morning Joke, detailing the apocalyptic, head-exploding rage Morning Joke went in, over the infamous Janet Jackson Super Bowl Affair;
Two days later, Scarborough collected hordes of outraged emails from his angry viewers over Janet Jackson and flew them to Washington DC to deliver them to Trent Lott and other right-wing officials, demanding government punishment against CBS, Viacom, MTV, and even the NFL ..."
And Greenwald added this
UPDATE II: From the Comment section, an outraged parent speaks out:

My kid heard that

It's funny you write about this today. I was getting ready for work this morning, watching Morning Joe (which I like despite Joe). My 10-year-old son got up, came into the living room, and is typical of a day when he doesn't have school, plopped down on the couch and started watching with me. I was just about to hand him the remote to change to less-newsy fare when Joe popped off with this. I was flabbergasted. And there's no question my kid heard that. Ugh.

One shudders to think how many other American children were exposed today to the raunchy filth of Joe Scarborough. The outraged emails are already pouring in. Keep them coming. Let me hear especially from other parents. I'm going to fly down to Washington with the emails and comments in hand (and a camera crew in tow) to demand government punishment against NBC, MSNBC, GE, Scarborough, Time-Warner, Inc. (due to Jay Carney's instigation) and others.

See kids, you can learn all kinds of new words, just by watching Morning Joke.

Maybe, what will come out of this, will be a new legal strategy.

Working off the already unprecedented "Twinkie Defense", Morning Joke can turn this around by blaming Cheetos.

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