Saturday, November 15, 2008

Our Ignorant Dolt of The Week ... Dennis Miller!

Well, not a banner week, as far as the idiots out there, someone to really step up, clutching, body askew, to claim our IDOTW award.

Sarah Palin?

Sure, Mommy Moose was like the Emergency Broadcast Signal, popping up everywhere, on every television, at every moment, earning her the praise of becoming The Wild Wordsmith of Wasilla, as labeled by Dick Cavett, rarely rises above just being your average, run-of-the-mill dolt.

Evan Bayh, who, every time he speaks, appears to be auditioning for the mascot job with Ambien, gets an honorable mention, for, apparently believing, that all Revoltin' Joe Lieberman (R-I, CT) needs to do is stand in front of the class, and write on the blackboard 500 times, that "I am sorry for ...", the choices being;

  • Obama is a Marxist
  • Obama palling around with terrorists
  • Obama voted to let the troops die
  • Dissing Obama, as an "Independent Democrat", at the Republican National Convention
  • Campaigning for the Republicans, against Democrats, on Congressional and Senate races

By weeks' end, there was one person that appeared to be reaching ...

Ellie the Chimps' former CNBC Co-Host, Dennis Miller.

Yes, the former SNL smart-ass, later moving on to HBO (while both offered a stable of writers, the latter, I know, gave him a whipping, cracker-jack staff), and even a stint at Monday Night Football.

But, then, September 11th came, and The Commander Guys' clarion call to go shopping must have been like a dog whistle to Miller, who sprinted to the nearest Right Wing Freak Show haberdashery, to adorn himself with the the Bush Grindhouse team colors.

While, now, having his own radio show on Westwood One, Ellie's former partner also moonlights with the Grand Ayatollah of Ignorant Dolts, Bill O'Reilly, on the Faux News Channel.

It is here, not once, but twice this past week, that Miller went for the IDOTW Gold.

Bill O’Reilly and Dennis Miller make homophobic jokes about Barney Frank

Last night on the O’Reilly Factor, Dennis Miller said President-elect Obama should “flatten these punks at AIG.” When O’Reilly suggested Obama should arrest Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA), Miller laughed and said, “Barney might want to be arrested.” O’Reilly laughed and then acted disgusted by the idea of homosexuality. Watch it ...
Oh, Jesus ... Fag jokes?

Barney Frank has been out-of-the-closet since around the time an, undoubtedly, precocious toddler Miller may have paraded around the house in his mother's high heels.

If Ellie was around, no doubt, she would have been hittin' the buzzers on that one.

For another, with Miller riding herd with the dying Pachyderm Party, it's a mighty tall glass house he spews his locker room barb from if he wants to color his jokes pink.

And, of course, that was a warm-up.

Back again with Mr. Pinhead, the perfume of the loofahs must have been in the air;

Dennis Miller: Women hate Palin b/c she has great sex life
She’s a great dame. People are fascinated by her because the Left hate her. I think the Left hate her — mostly women on the Left hate her — because to me from outside in it appears that she has a great sex life, all right? I think she has non-neurotic sex with that Todd Palin guy. … I think that snow mobile looks like mechanized foreplay to me and that’s why people are fascinated.
Say What?

Has he been hanging out with Rich Lowery?

Does Dennis Miller, sitting straight up, see starbursts every time the GOP Clothes Horse pops up on the screen?

Has he gone out and purchased an official Todd Palin snowsuit and snow mobile of his own, placing it in a special room of his house, rocketing across the carnal ice of Alaska, all frenzied with fascination?

Oh, wait a minute ... Wait a minute ...

I get it now.

It was so obvious ...

Dennis Miller is Bill O'Reilly's Ellie!

They just took away the Howard Dean Scream buttons.

Dennis Miller ... The Garlic's Ignorant Dolt of the Week!

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