Monday, February 23, 2009

Corrupt Judge Follow-Up ... Wait, There's More!

Earlier this month, we posted "Here's One Look At Privatization", about the two Pennsylvania scumbag judges who were gaming the system, for their own profit, by jailing teenagers in a privatized institution.

Well, it seems their greed, lack of morals and ethics didn't stop there;

Judge Guilty in Kickbacks Is Accused of Fixing Suit

As for the defamation judgment, it dates from 2006, when Judge Ciavarella awarded $2 million to a businessman, Thomas Joseph, and $1.5 million to Mr. Joseph’s direct-mail marketing firm. 

Mr. Joseph had sued The Citizens Voice over a series of articles that tied him to a money-laundering case involving William D’Elia, reputed head of the Bufalino crime family in northeastern Pennsylvania, who had been convicted of witness tampering and conspiracy to launder drug money.

In its new petition, the paper said Judges Ciavarella and Conahan had improperly ensured control of the case by skirting established procedures for the assigning of cases and getting this one routed to themselves.

They had help in this, the petition said, from the court administrator, William Sharkey, Judge Conahan’s cousin. Mr. Sharkey pleaded guilty this week to stealing $70,000 in illegal gambling proceeds that were to be turned over to the county treasurer’s office.

The newspaper said the recent developments in the continuing investigation of the former judges’ conduct on the bench “have fueled rampant rumors and speculation that Judge Conahan and Judge Ciavarella were fixing cases at the behest of William D’Elia.” 

And, it said, it has a witness who can testify that Judge Ciavarella or Judge Conahan, or both, had direct connections to Mr. D’Elia. The witness was not identified.

Go to the CitizensVoices.Com for more on this considerably-less dynamic duo.

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