Sunday, February 22, 2009

Day Care? ... What Day Care?

We don't have to show you no Day Care! ... We don't have to show you no stinkin' Day Care! ...

Once you get past the U.S. News and Report's Washington Whispers on-line poll, that is sail past their sexism and misogyny, you realize what a dunder-headed farce it is.

Putting that up is as about as tone-deaf as the NY Post, and their editorial brilliance.

And, they simply don't see the handwritting on the wall.

It's clear now, that since Rick Santelli's foot-in-mouth rant, and all these burgeoning Tea Party's, the "Silent Majority" (since Obama's election, this can now be a substitute for "Right Wing Freak Show") is going to rise up and overthrow the government.

They will install Sarah Palin as the new Prez (Bobby Jindal finally gets the VP slot), and with a cabinet, and advisors, such as Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter, Michael Savage, O'Reilly (Michelle "Stalkin" Malkin lobbies for, and gets, the job of running the internment camps), they are going to turn off the Stimulus spigot, and everyone, excepting Wall Street Executives, Halliburton (and KBR), and all the former Bush Grindhouse cronies, will have to work (Xe will be in place to maintain the order).

That includes children.

There will be no Day Care ... It won't exist in the Silent Majority's world.

Why spend money on them? ... SCHIPS and Head Start will be abolished ... There will be no excuses - they work, just like eveyone else.

They can be taught to make baskets, or sacks, for those Wall Street guys to carry home their loot.

Or, Malkin can have them cleaning up the grounds of the Internment Camps.

The Asian and Mexican Human Rights campaigns, showing the new abusive U.S. policy of child labor, will fall on deaf ears, and put those places on the revived Axis of Evil List, with Richard Perle drawing up a new plan of preemptive attacks (though, this will still be unclear to, and not explainable by, President Palin).

Sounds far-fetched, heh?

Well, then read Frank Rich today.

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