Thursday, February 26, 2009

Top Ten Cloves: Ways Rush Limbaugh Can Get Woman Not To Hate Him

News Item: Limbaugh To Convene A ‘Female Summit’ To Figure Out Why Women Hate Him

10. Call for an Operation Chaos Riot - Against you, In your own radio studio

  9. Voluntarily take yourself off Armed Forces Radio

  8. Stop defending Corporate America

  7. Drop the act, and let his innner progressive liberal Democrat come out

  6. Go out and actually win a Nobel Peace Prize

  5. Start dating a transexual

  4. Call off your dogs and start crticizing Bobby Jindal

  3. Recant for playing up the "Barack The Magic Negro" - Produce and play "Rush The Ignorant Radio Host"

  2. Start sharing his stash of drugs

  1. Free the Dittoheads! ... Pull a William Shatner/SNL/Star Trek/Get A Life on them

Bonus Bonehead Rush Riffs

Rush Announces Female Listener Summit to Discuss EIB Gender Gap

Jill on Brilliant at Breakfast: Maybe it's because he's a misogynistic, soulless hatemonger who vacations as a sex tourist

Jill Miller Zimon: Rush Limbaugh Calls A Women’s Summit To Research His Gender Gap

We Wonder If Rush Lobbied For This, The Way He Did For The Nobel?

Jesus, It Sounded Like A Violation of the Rico Act!

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