Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sweet And Dandy

Well, if you want to go by the title of this post, it does not describe the day we had here at The Garlic.

It was a day of trouble on the homefront, the Aunt we care for taking a tumble early this morning, though, seemingly okay from it, nonetheless, meant a excursion to the hospital.

Surprisingly, by the ER standards we have experienced on prior runs, we were in-and-out in the snap of the fingers - only a little over 2-hours! ... And she comes out of it with a bruised toe, and a, for lack of its' proper name, a medical shoe (hard sole and velcro straps), that will keep her toes/foot from bending, the theory being it will heal faster or better.

So, that become the bulk of my day, wiping out the carnival of creativity I awoke with, and planned to get posted today.

Therefore, we give you an old gem, one that has a good, jammin' Saturday night feel to it.

Sweet And Dandy - Toots And The Maytals

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