Tuesday, February 24, 2009

New Garlic Poll ... If the GOP Governors don't want the Stimulus Money, Obama should ...

These guys certainly would qualify, all by themselves, as a boatload of Ignorant Dolts.

Louisiana's Bobby Jindal, Mississippi's Haley Barbor, South Carolina's Mark Sanford, and some others, have all firmly inserted their heads up their rear ends, and have come out bashing the Stimulus Package, all saying they would reject it, or a certain amount of it.

It's all part of their new/old, Back-To-The-Future, Newt Gingrich-Contract-On-America strategy, that is going to sweep them back into power

See, by saying no, becoming the party of "No", being the obstructionists to the reigniting of our economy, they are placing all their chips on President Obama failing, just so they can hit the campaign trails with a "Naa, Naa, Naa, Naa, Naa ... We told you so!".

Other than it will hurt scores-of-hundreds-of-thousands around the country, in their respective states, I would be inclined to say "Go For It!" ... Keep listening to the Cheeseburger That Sweats (aka Rush Limbaugh; H/T to Barry Crimmins for that), and the new Town Crier, Rick Santelli... Let them lead you to even further irrelevance.

So, we thought, rather than waste energy on them, we'd offer up a few options for President Obama, on what to do with the money they are rejecting.

If the GOP Governors don't want the Stimulus Money, Obama should ...

Give it to his daughters

Buy John McCain a helicopter

Go to Las Vegas and "stimulate" the crap tables

Stash it away in a Slush Fund for 2012
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