Thursday, May 12, 2005

Top Ten Cloves: What Vice President Cheney Told Appeals Court About His Energy Meetings To Win Verdict

10. Argued who had more energy - Six-Million-Dollar Man or Six-Million-Dollar Woman

9. Began formulating plan to develop Ann Coulter as useable energy source (see The Garlic, 29 April 2005)

8. That the energy exec's didn't know how to throw a meeting - lousy danish and weak coffee

7. Decided some meetings with Go-Cart races

6. Free, new cars and lifetime gas for all the judges

5. Energy guys wore masks and were so secret, nobody knew their names

4. Not much meeting time; First Lady stopped in and began telling jokes and that was it …

3. Actually, after all this fuss, it was only acouple of conference calls

2. Discussed all the prime fishing spots in Alaska and marked the map so they won't drill there

1. Some meetings held in Secret Bunker - the one, with cable, waterbed and always a fridge full of beer, that VP friends can use

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