Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Wednesday 11 May 2005

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Dems Seek Arrest, Charges of Senate Leader Frist, and Others

Say Nuclear Threat Violates Patriot Act; AG Gonzales Opens Investigation

Washington was rocked yesterday with sirens wailing long into the night in Georgetown, as well as Virginia and Maryland suburbs, as groups of local police, FBI and U.S. Marshalls were seen storming houses, leading men and woman out in handcuffs, while other agents carried document boxes and computers.

At the Capitol, flanked by leading Democrats, including Sen. Edward Kennedy, Sen. Patrick Leahy, and Rep. Nancy Pelosi, Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid called for the arrest of Senator Bill Frist, charging him with being an "enemy combatant" and violating the Patriot Act for his threats of using a 'nuclear option' in the U.S. Senate.

"The President, himself," stated Reid, "has constantly reminded us - all of us - to remain vigilant against terrorist and potential acts of terrorism …When a person threatens to use a nuclear device inside the walls of the United States Senate, than I stand as one vigilant citizen and I call for the United States Attorney General to take this invidual into custoday and charge him with the appropriate crimes".

"This individual" referred to by Reid happens to be the Majority Leader in the U.S. Senate.

Frist has been the lead pit bull in a fierce Republican pack, vowing the end of using filibusters to opose and defeat President Bush, and Republican-nominated judges for the federal bench. For weeks now, Frist and other Republicans have threated to use the "nuclear option", that being changing Senate rules to eliminate filibusters and have judges voted on by the full Senate.

And Vice-President Dick Cheney has promised to break any deadlocks, with a vote for the nominated judges, some considered extremely conservative or too far to the right by the Democrats.

Reid went on, presenting a long list of others who should be charged along with Frist, including Sen. Rick Santorum (R-PA), former
Senate GOP leader Trent Lott, and columnist Robert D. Novak.

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, in a brief statement released by the Justice Deparment, indicated that he is, indeed, opening an investigation of the charges. This lead to the extensive show of force and manhunt last evening throughout the D.C. area.

Reports and rumors have that President Bush, upon hearing the news while on his European trip, called Gonzales from Air Force One and directed him to "get to the bottom of this". Some have seen signs of the White House distancing itself from Frist, and the others, particularly, when the President reportedly told Gonzales that "no one gets a break here".

Inside sources say the President was livid when he heard the news and that Gonzales called the President, asking for advise on how he should handle the situation. The President, according to White House insiders, was "extremely saddened and disappointed in Frist" and also said he'll "miss Novack's column".

Frist was stunned when he heard about the charges. Frist was in his Senate office, reviewing videotapes of some potential medical patients, when word reach him that he may be facing "terrorist charges".

Frist left the office, side-stepping a group of media and made no comments as questions were shouted to him, asking if he was a terrorist and where did he get his nuclear device.

When reached, in Mississippi, Lott, who is credited with coining the term 'nuclear option' was surprised and asked the reporter; "What is this? Am I on that 'Punk's show or something". Lott declined giving a comment and was said to be seen entering the office of his lawyer late last night

A spokesperson for Novack indicated that "he is out-of-the-country" and it was reported that Santorum flew back to Pennsylvania, to be with his family. Sources say U.S. Marshalls out of Philadelphia were on their way to arrest Santorum.

It would be unprecidented to have a sitting, majority leader in the Senate charged with such high-level crimes. However, in the post 9/11 world, and with the Bush Administrations rock-solid stance against terrorism, even a euphamistic comment about using a nuclear device, and in particular, in a U.S. Government building, gets a spotlighted investigation.

If Frist, and the others, are charged with violating the Patriot Act and deemed enemy combatants, they can be held, without access to lawyers, family or friends, indefinitely and would be brought to trial before a military tribunal and not a jury.

Law enforcement specialist say, at this point in the investigation, Frist and the others could just be charged with conspiracy, since no nuclear device or option has gone off in the Senate.

One Justice Departmet attornery indicated that it it "very likely they'll be charged as enemy combatants"

"We have to be sure", the attorney continued, "that there is no plot, no device here .. Something that is going to blow up Washington".

Asked if Frist, or any of the others, would be put in the 'Special Rendition' program, the Justice Department official offered;

"I'm not at liberty to say … But, then again, I heard that Novak is out-of-the-country"

It is likely that those arrested would be booked and held a Quantico and await the next step from the Attorney General and the Justice Department as to interrogations and the disposition of the charges. Reports say that Frist has made a request to submit his answers to the interrogation via videotape.

Speaking for the White House, Vice President Dick Cheney stated that it "was a sad day for the country" and that "it was likely, those judges won't be confirmed this time around".

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