Thursday, September 22, 2005

Thursday September 22, 2005 - Happy Autumn!

Talk Host Hannity Starts Blame Game On Jet Blue Incident

Lambastes Nagin and Blanco; Cites Stranded Passengers; "Where Are The Buses!"

As a Jet Blue airliner made a safe, if not anxious, landing at Los Angeles International Airport last evening, after its front landing gear jammed in a cocked, angled position, Fox News Talk Show Host Sean Hannity blasted out blame, placing it at the feet of New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin and Louisiana Governor Kathleen Blanco.

"It's Nagin and Blanco again … These two people are not only incompetent, but dangerous", said Hannity, on his Fox News program, 'Hannity & Colmes'.

Ignoring video in a side box that showed passengers exiting the plane in a calm, orderly fashion, Hannity continued his rant.

"Nagin and Blanco have set a standard so low, its become infectious … They're now stranding people in Los Angeles … And you know what? They'll turn around and blame President Bush for this …"

Co-Host Alan Colmes attempted to interject a point but was waved off by Hannity.

"Where are the buses for these people? Los Angeles must be using the Nagin Plan … A city the size of Los Angeles must have 10,000 buses and you mean to tell me they can't bring a few dozen to LAX? That they are going to leave these people there, without food, without water? … Where's Governor Schwarzenegger? … I hope he's not on the phone with Blanco, getting advice on how to handle a disaster … The only thing she can tell him is how to refuse aid, and how to ignore procedures …"

Colmes again tried to interrupt Hannity.

"Alan … This is just in .. From the AP … Amtrak is saying they have empty trains that can take these passengers … Empty trains that can take these poor people to safety … I'm sure Nagin is telling them not to do it … Not to use the trains … He's telling them to ignore the safety of those people …"

"Sean", said and exasperated Colmes, "Union Station is clear across town … It's 10, 15-miles away, on the other side of downtown."

"And what - that's President Bush's fault?" shot back Hannity.

"Is it FEMA fault again? They screwed up, they didn't position the buses, the trains in advance … All you liberals … When things go wrong, don't take responsibility, just blame the President … It's all President Bush's fault …"

At this point, the program needed to break for a commercial

"We gotta take a break" sighed Hannity. "When we come back, Ann Coulter will join us and, Alan, I'm sure she'll agree with me so call some of your liberal friends and see if you can come up with something … Anything … That is, if they can pull their heads out of the sand long enough to think about it."

"Kofi, my good amigo ... I'm going to want alot more than food for my oil ... And I can make it very worth your while ..."

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