Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Top Ten Cloves: Things Overheard During The Afghanistan Voting

10. Between Iraq and that hurricane, we can kiss off getting any U.S. funding next year

9. Figure my grandchild will be seven, eight-years-old before we get any elections results

8. I think the voting would go a lot faster if they had more then one pen to use

7. Is the satellite working tonight? I want to watch the Emmy Awards

6. Which warlord did you vote for?

5. I'm sure glad we didn't have to do that silly 'purple finger' thing like the Iraqis

4. Hey, those people in New Orleans got it easy. At least they have homes they could be flooded out of

3. Do you know if they sent Osama bin-Laden an Absentee ballot?

2. Want to stop by after voting and help me beat my daughter - she was flirting again with that boy from Jalalabad

1. When is President Bush going to take the blame for screwing up our country?

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