Friday, September 23, 2005

Top Ten Cloves: Reasons Bill Frist Sold His HCA Stock Before It Tanked

10. Okay, so the blind trust wasn't so blind … Let's just say they had one eye open

9. "Hey, Tom DeLay gets away with everything, why shouldn't I?"

8. Terry Schiavo told me to sell; She cleared stated the words "Sell Stocks"

7. Actually, is running a Senate Sting operation on the SEC, to see if they're doing their job

6. Studied how-to videos on best time to sell stocks

5. Wanted to change his holdings to cash in big-time with buying more Halliburton stock

4. With so many people effected and displaced by hurricanes, now is not the time to discuss this

3. Rest assured, brother who runs company, gave absolutely no information that impacted decision to sell stock

2. Needed the cash to invest and buy stocks in Stem Cell company

1. Thought Martha Stewart looked sexy in ankle bracelet; Hopes to be convicted so he can wear one too.

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