Monday, September 19, 2005

Top Ten Cloves: Things Overheard at the Emmy Award Last Night

10. I'll bet Trump will have all his apprentices wearing overalls next week

9. Is it true Erik Estrada is making a comeback in that new, F.E.M.A. show next season?

8. I'll bet within two-years, Lost jumps the shark and has a FedEx scene in it

7. I heard they're giving Martha Stewart an Emmy for Best Ankle Bracelet

6. Does DeGeneres have a contract that she can only host the show after disasters?

5. If Shatner starts singing, I'm outta here

4. Nobody from PBS is here; Rumor has it that if anyone showed up, they'd be put on Tomlinson's list

3. I came prepared; I've got water and rations for three days tucked under my seat

2. I heard they had Ian McShane's vocal cords severed, in case he wins

1. They start casting tomorrow for Law and Order: Special Hurricane Victims

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