Thursday, September 22, 2005

Top Ten Cloves: Signs That It Is The First Day of Autumn In The White House

10. Presidential Helicopter used to scatter the leaves on White House lawn instead of raking them

9. Condi Rice changes over to her fur-lined, knee-high, leather boots

8. Guards at Abu Ghraib start making Muslim prisoners play "touch" football

7. Michael Chertoff submits his list of excuses for winter disasters to Andy Card for approval

6. President starts thinking about planting winter crop seeds of democracy

5. Karl Rove's smears start changing colors

4. Rumsfield tries to order the use of Agent Orange to "go with the season"

3. President Bush starts planning his six-week winter vacation

2. FEMA adds apple cider to their relief packages, but then doesn't deliver them

1. Cross Dick Cheney and he threatens to "carve your head out like a pumpkin"

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