Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Wednesday 21 September 2005

NYC Braces For Moss Storm; Due To Hit Within 48 Hrs.

Bloomberg Calls For Voluntary Evacuation; FEMA Notified, Will "Do What We Can"

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has called for an voluntary evacuation of all five boroughs of the city and surrounding suburbs as the city braces for the storm brewing over supermodel Katie Moss.

Manhattan and the Fashion District is expected to take the brunt of the storm.

"This couldn't happen at a worst time,: sighed the Mayor. "With all that's going on in other parts of the country, I don't know if we can take a hit like this."

Moss, 31, has admitted to drug use after London's 'Daily Mirror'
published a front cover photo of the 31-year-old model preparing to snort cocaine.

A new global campaign by H&M, Europe's largest clothing chain, that has 78 stores in the U.S., featuring Ms. Moss has been cancelled. H&M had initially decided to keep Moss on but reversed itself after receiving an outcry of negative feedback from customers.

The Mayor expects that some 3-million-plus will heed the call to voluntarily leave, and has issued directions and information, telling residents that they should "be prepared to be away from the city for two-weeks, or more, and to have the appropriate supplies".

The City will provide buses for those without automobiles or the means in which to evacuate. The Mayor urged New Yorkers to "help those that need it - the elderly and infirmed" to leave the city.

The Mayor's Office has already notified news organizations and private owners of helicopters that their crafts "will be commandeered" in the event any emergency rescues are required.

Governor Pataki has called up the New York National Guard and is pre-staging equipment and supplies outside of Albany.

"This looks to be a Category 2, maybe 3, storm right now," said Pataki. "We'll have to wait and see if it grows larger."

FEMA officials have confirmed receiving the notification from New York City and have indicated "we'll do what we can". Sources say that privately, FEMA has told the Mayor "You won't see us for a few weeks".

The White House has told Bloomberg that the "President has no plans to fly into New York".

"His schedule is booked with flights to New Orleans," offered one White House official. "I don't know when we can squeeze him in up there. Right now, New York City is not on Karl Rove's radar"

Drug use in the Fashion Industry is not anything new, going back to one of the most celebrated cases, Vogue model Gia Carangi. Unknown actress, Angelina Jolie, catapulted to fame portraying the drug-addicted model in a feature film.

Moss burst onto the scene in the 1980's and was featured in major campaigns by Calvin Klein and other big-name fashion houses. Her thin, waif-like look was in demand, pushing her to virtual rock star status. Her off-runway life also contributed to her growing fame, notably from affairs with actor Johnny Depp and British rocker, Pete Doherty.

One fashion veteran believes this is all being overblown.

"For years, they told us she was heroin chic … Who knew?

In an effort to bridge the budget deficit, the White House announced today that they will place President Bush's "bathroom note" on eBay, with all funds going to the Hurricane Katrine relief effort

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