Monday, November 13, 2006

Chopped Garlic: Retro Bolton

Boy, they sure tore the bipartisan cup out of Bush’s hands pretty quick there last week, before he took too many sips from it (Editor’s Note: There’ll be a Garlictorial on this in the next day or two)

From his post-election day news conference, to meeting with the future leadership of the Congress ( Speaker Nancy Pelosi and then, the next day, Harry Reid and Dick Durban), it appeared that Bush had seen the light. Full speed ahead on working with the new congress, leaving Turd Blossom’s “The Math” in the rearview mirror.

So, what comes out of this new White House-version of bipartisanship? Demanding the confirmation of United Nations Ambassador John Bolton.

The Garlic riffed on this back in September (Top Ten Cloves: Ways White House Will Try To Keep John Bolton At The U.N.) so we need to wait and see if any of that comes into play.

In the meantime, stroll back to the Garlic Special - It’s A Bolton Kind Of Thursday! Our Man At The U.N. to catch up on the man, and next little firefight this Lame Duck Congress will engage in.

Does President Bush buck his pledge to work in a bipartisan fashion and ram through the Lame Duck Congress the confirmation of U.N. Ambassador John Bolton?

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