Sunday, November 12, 2006

Of Things Said, and Just What Type Of Math Are You Using There, Mr. Rove? ... The Results - The Garlic's Weekly Poll

President Bush’s rather abrupt turn to projected bipartisanship (Hey, it’s not a done deal just yet) immediately following the Midterm Elections kind of took the venom out of the Karl Rove-Ken Mehlman-built Smear Machine.

Rove may have had, and is holding to his story, “The Math”, but if you're President Bush, and roughly 60% of the country cited you as the reason they voted out the Republicans, making barbs about measuring for drapes, or having some bimbo giggle “Call Me” doesn’t quite add up to being presidential.

Hence, the steam of The Garlic’s Weekly Poll took a serious hit this past week, as the Freak Show was quiet and then there was the matter of fitting now-former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld for his well-earned, and well-deserved, Scapegoat Suit (and, quite likely, looking over and coordinating schedules, setting a time to give him a Medal of Freedom Award)

Note To The Remaining Bush Administration: When the President says of you that you’re “Doing a heck-of-a-job” or a “Fantastic Job”, that’s the signal to start packing up your desk and calling the headhunters. No need to wait for the “ding”, you’re toast ...

The Results - The Garlic's Weekly Poll October 29 - November 4 2006

Coming down to the wire, President Bush and his administration will, in all likelihood, spin the guilty verdict of Saddam Hussein in these last two days before the Midterm elections by...

1. Nancy Pelosi didn’t care about capturing Saddam or putting him on trial... She’s too busy measuring for drapes Tally 31%

2. Saying that if the Democrats had captured Saddam, John Kerry would probably want to send him to college Tally 29%

3. Harold Ford Jr. wants to take Saddam to a football game, and meet some girls, before he’s hanged Tally 22%

4. Since he already found some, Rick Santorum has a plan, for squeezing a death row confession from Saddam on where the rest of the WMD’s are hidden Tally 18%

This week’s Poll - To ease the transition for President Bush to change over to Bipartisanship for the remaining time of his term, the White House will probably...

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