Sunday, November 12, 2006

Weekend Special - Sautéed Cloves 12 November 2006

In a stunning, and controversial, setback to his Acts of Atonement program, actor Mel Gibson blamed the Republican losses in the Midterm Elections on Jews

No losses, only gains, for Senator Harry Reid (D-NV)

With the Democrats sweep back into the majority, and Reid all but set to become Senate Majority Leader, he can now properly call on to court White House Counsel, and one-time Supreme Court Candidate, Harriet Miers, who earlier had told Reid that she would not date him unless he became the leader in the Senate

Vice President Dick Cheney
was reported to have a hard time accepting the Midterm elections results

It wasn't until longtime aide David Addington framed it as "the Nazi Appeasers" won, that Cheney understood the broad sweep of the Democrats

Fox News Honcho Roger Ailes
announced that with the Republican Party now in the minority for the next two-years, Fox News will be referred to as the "Unfair and Unbalanced News Network"

RNC Chairman Ken Mehlman, who announced this week he will be stepping down from his post, is reported to be on the short list to replace the Reverend Ted Haggard in the National Association of Evangelicals, Mehlman is said to be excited over the prospects of the "Big Three M's" - Megachurch, Massages and Meth

Still bristling over his firing, but remaining committed to his work, outgoing Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld took reporters on a short plane ride, to put to rest rumors, and demonstrate just how suspected terrorists travel when they undergo Extraordinary Rendition

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