Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Breaking News! New White House Discord Pits Neocons Versus Bush, Baker

Cheney Launches Iran Study Group; Planning To Up Ante, Outgun Baker’s Recommendation

Rumsfeld Installed As Co-Chair; WHIG Moves Into Secret Bunker, As Neocons Draw Line, Choose Sides

Sources tell The Garlic that new, post-election divisions have erupted in the White House, leading to Vice President Dick Cheney launching his own, new Iran Study Group.

Against the backdrop of awaiting the recommendations forthcoming from the James Baker - Lee Hamilton-led Iraq Study Group, West Wing staffers are being forced to choose sides.

The two groups - WHIG (White House Iraq Group) and WHIIG (White House Iraq and Iran Group) have moved with the Vice President and now operate out of Cheney’s Secret Bunker, under the moniker of SBISG.

The firing of Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld is said to have been the trigger, and that it is likely this group had already been conducting meetings. Others say it was the President refusal recently, to “out” a CIA agent with the release of a National Intelligence Estimate report, or when President Bush admitted to the existence of CIA Black Hole Prison sites.

The Neocons’ Jesus Camp

Cheney is said to have created a co-chair position with the SBISG for his longtime friend Rumsfeld, and former Vice President Chief of Staff I. Lewis (Scooter) Libby Libby is also said to be working, at least up until his trial begins in January, with the SBISG.

“It’s become the Neocons Jesus Camp”, said David Aaronson, editor of What Color Is My Coat Today?, the Capital Hill Newsletter that tracks politicians who turn on their own party. “They’re not slowing down and the Vice President gave a hint to that last week when he said it was “full speed ahead.”

“They’re upping the ante,” added Aaronson, “and the plan is to outgun James Baker and his Iraq Study Group.”

President Lining Up and Fighting Back

President Bush, in a counter move against his Vice President, has initiated his own internal review of Iraq that will be separate from the Baker and is directed, squarely, to smash down Cheney’s renegade SBISG.

President Bush also had Army Gen. John P. Abizaid, head of the U.S. Central Command, testify today before the Senate Armed Services Committee, warning against a troop withdrawals or timelines in another effort to subdue Cheney’s group.

Another sign is that Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice cancelled plans to attend an Asia-Pacific conference in Vietnam in order to be with the President for his policy review meetings and is said to have rebuffed advances from Cheney to join with the SBISG.

Recently, Rice touted the President’s Axis of Evil program to be successful and she has, in the past, had head-butts with Rumsfeld over admitting mistakes made in Iraq.

It’s not clear if this new Iraq Policy review by the President is part of his “Hello, I Must Be Going” policy shift, or it the pro-Bush side of the White House is looking to forge, with the Baker group, a wall to block out Cheney and Rumsfeld’ SBISG.

With Baker’s Iraq Study Group speculated to favor diplomacy and a political solution for the growing Civil War in Iraq, a recent leak of a draft of the report showed Baker recommending a “Do-Over”, with reinstalling Saddam Hussein and reinvading the country just at point of the 2008 President Election, leaving the solution of what to do to the next President-elect.

Bush’s Carlyle Group vs. Cheney’s Halliburton Company?

Cheney’s SBISG is said to favor a full, military solution and using Iraq as the launching pad to invade and occupy Iran

Some say this is a faux front in a behind-the-scenes battle between Bush’s Carlyle Group and Cheney’s Halliburton Company. Both companies have profited wildly from the Iraq invasion and occupation and the table is being set for the next move, into taking over Iran, with billions in weapon systems and services at stake.

“More likely,” according to Holly Martins, Publisher of Axis of Evil Illustrated, a quarterly publication, that is rumored to be a house magazine for the Project for The New American Century “is that Cheney is making his big move, carving out is own legacy over these last two years he’ll ever hold office.”

“It’s also a page,” added Martins, “out of his, and Rumsfeld’s ‘Armageddon Plan’ book. Both of them would have no objection, like Slim Pickens, of riding a big, ol’ Bunker Buster that was dropping down on Teheran.”

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