Saturday, April 12, 2008

Top Ten Cloves: Things About The Rocket Scientists' Party, Yuri Night

News Item: Fisher: Party like a rocket scientist (It'll be fun)

10. First technical glitch of the night will spook the rocket scientists, many believing the HAL is real and in the room

9. Perhaps the only party to have a vendor who does nothing more that tape broken eyeglasses

8. Astronaut Lisa Nowak is schedule to be on hand, to autograph official NASA diapers

7. Local area Jolt Soda sales will go through the roof

6. Rocket Scientists making lots of plans, to see each other again at the Albert Party, in June

5. For the DeadHeads that show up, they'll have to be constantly reassured that it is not 1961

4. Bartenders will get boringly annoyed, after about 10-minutes, with all the rocket scientists who order a Lost In Space Martini, in the voice of Robot

3. Instead of buying a keg, they'll spend half the day designing and fabricating one

2. Parking lot fills up early - Hundreds mistook the event for "Yugo Night"

1. With so many rocket scientists in one room, we discover, when they want to derisively dismiss a colleagues' intelligence, they say "It's not ditch digging, you know"

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