Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Made It Ma, Top of the Campaign! ...

Or, Hillary Clinton's Cody Jarrett Moment

My, My, My ...

The theatrics, the anguish, it's taking to end this thing

The Most Fabulous Object In The World (TMFOITW), according to the breaking news over the past few hours, has, finally, popped her head out of her own bubble and caught a scent of the unrelenting condemnation she was receiving today, and will (we still have to wait-and-see) end her campaign on Friday and Saturday.

The WWW and Blogosphere was lit up like a Christmas tree, virtually since "The Speech" last evening.

Even the staunchest of TMFOITW supporters were bucking against her

Now, there can be some validity to the whole notion of you can't stop a freight train on a dime, that TMFOITW couldn't put the brakes on, on a moments notice, but that does little to luminate her actions, when applied to what Hillary did last evening.

She allowed (granted, it may have been improvised, but, either way, it was specious) the campaign's mouth-that-roared, Terry McAuliffe, to introduce her as "The next President of the United States" and than TMFOITW proceeded to give, essentially, another stump speech, completely ignoring the history of the evening, of Barack Obama going over the number of won delegates to secure the nomination.

She then proceeded to egg on, to lead on, her supporters, offering no concession, no surrender, no acknowledgment that she lost the fight, ending with encouraging people to come to her website and tell her, share with her, what she should do next.

How's this for the history that was ignored by TMFOITW;

Will Bunch's Attytood - People died so tonight could happen

This is just to say how remarkable it is that a man who wasn't even guaranteed the right to vote when he was born is now the Democratic nominee for the White House -- and to say thank you to the people who fought and who even gave their lives to make this moment happen.
Keith Olbermann reported this evening that, it was only after two conference calls, one from 23 members of Congress, the other from 8 in the Senate - and that members, advisors of TMFOITW reached out to these people, imploring them to talk to her - that this outcome was arrived at.

Apparently it wasn't enough to know that Obama had won the most delegates, TMFOITW had to hear, from her colleagues, that they were not going to stand by and aid or abet TMFOITW in her attempt to hijack the nomination.

Clinton to Suspend Campaign, Endorse Obama Friday
The news that Mrs. Clinton was ending her campaign was first reported by

“We pledged to support her to the end,” Representative Charles B. Rangel, a New York Democrat who has been a patron of Mrs. Clinton since she first ran for the Senate, said in an interview “Our problem is not being able to determine when the hell the end is.”

The Clintonistas, particularly, Lisa Caputo, was out this evening, still banging the TMFOITW drum, explaining away her actions and behavior as no big deal, as if it we perfectly a normal occurance to have a candidate ignore the fact that they lost the election (well, there is Mini-Me., Joe Lieberman).

As many have already stated, Hillary Clinton's loss in this contest isn't the end of woman running for high office, it is, by all rights, just the beginning.

The sky isn't going to fall in if TMFOITW doesn't become president this year.

Hillary had the choice to be placed in history as a pioneering trailblazer, or a sore, delusional loser.

She'll likely attain the former, but with the latter as a footnote.

"Made It Ma, Top of the Campaign! ..."

So, a few more days of drama, more fodder for the cable news bobbleheads and then, hopefully, it's full speed ahead to the General Election.

And Stumblin' Bumblin' John McCain.

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