Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Oh Yeah, She Will "Do What It Takes", Alright ...

Last evening, and this morning, the cable new pundits are all drooling over themselves, pontificating and speculating on how Hillary Clinton will "graceful" exit the presidential race, once Obama goes over the magic number of won delegates.

All complete with the talk of unity, the good and bad of her campaign, how she is, despite losing, a role model for future woman candidates (most definitely true), all rosy prognostications of a Capraesque-framed shot of "out with the old, in with new" kind of thing.

Well, I'm not holding my breath that it all ends, tonight, or tomorrow.

From CNN;

Sen. Hillary Clinton is poised to deliver a message Tuesday "that she will do whatever it takes" to put a Democrat in the White House — a message that Barack Obama insiders say indicates she would accept an offer to be Obama's running mate if asked.

"In her speech tomorrow night, she will convey the message that first and foremost she is committed to Democrats winning in November and will do whatever she's asked to do," a close friend and adviser of the former first lady, who speaks with her regularly and is privy to her deliberations, told CNN Monday.
You can throw out that BS about Obama asking her to be VP ... It ain't happenin'

But, notice she's using the generic "Democrat", not using the name "Barack Obama"?

Oh yeah, she'll do what it takes, alright ...

The words "I am suspending my campaign" may squeeze through her teeth, with all the same ease of how she has explained her vote for the Iraq War.

I will expect whatever type of speech Hillary gives tonight, it will be parsed, calculated, triangulated, giving a tepid nod to Barack Obama, but then saddling up and riding the rhetorical horse she's been on over the past few months ...
I won the popular vote

More people have voted for me than any other primary election in history

I won the big states

I won the swing states

I won the states the Democrats are going to need to win in November

We need to count all the votes, not disenfranchise voters.

I'm fighting for the voters in Florida and Michigan

I am the better candidate

I am the better candidate to beat the Republicans in November

Superdelegates can change their mind

Anything (even assassination) can happen, between now and the convention

I'm a fighter, not a quitter

There will be no shrine-building to Barack Obama in her speech, in her position.

She's not closing the door, no way Jose!

It's too close for her to shut down. She wants it too much, and she is not the least bit concerned about what a continued battle will do to the Democratic Party, likely arguing that it is a healthy sign of Democracy, that people are engaged and, did you know, over 17-million people have voted for her, that she was won the popular vote ...

I don't know what the pundits are seeing, but I haven't (and I have cleaned my glasses, over-and-over) seen anything that indicates Hillary is about to put herself on the shelf.

As we said yesterday, we had all the delusional Clintonistas, in their best Grand Central Station Locker Creatures (from the Movie "Men In Black), making the cable news rounds with all their unbridled enthusiasm, ("Hillary is back! The keeper of the light! All hail Hillary! All hail Hillary! Oh Hillary can you see by the dawn's early light..."), still trying to sell the "Hillary's winning the popular vote! ... It's the popular vote that should count! ..."

After all, Hillary Clinton is "The Most Fabulous Object In The World".

It will not be a concession speech tonight, especially if the split the vote, Obama winning Montana, and Hillary taking South Dakota.

I hope I am wrong, dead wrong, and will have no problem eating crow tomorrow.

But if I have to flip a coin on how the next 24-48-hours plays out, Hillary is still muscling herself into the picture, and setting her sights on creating a photo album of her time in Denver later this summer.

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And One More For The Road ...


As I was readying to post this, the cable news bobbleheads were all in atwitter, first, babbling endlessly about how and when Hillary would bow out, and then, over an AP report indicating Hillary Clinton was, indeed, going to concede this evening.

They couldn't rush in enough talking heads to hash over this and, then, the inevitable denial came from the Clinton Camp;

Wolfson denies AP report
UPDATE: Here's the campaign statement: "The AP story is incorrect. Senator Clinton will not concede the nomination this evening."
As Bette Davis said, "Fasten your seatbelts, it's going to be a bumpy night!"

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