Saturday, June 07, 2008

Putting A Marker Down ... Just In Case ....

Call me concerned ... Call me skeptical ...

I'll believe it when I see, and hear, it ...

Clinton to Publicly Withdraw, Support Obama

After a tumultuous 17-month journey, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (N.Y.) will formally withdraw as a presidential candidate today, publicly declaring her support for Sen. Barack Obama (Ill.) for the first time since he secured the Democratic nomination.

She had the stage to do this earlier this week and simply ignored the reality, continuing to march forward.

Until she steps out there later today, a little more than a hour from now, says - in understandable, discernible, English - that she is ending (or suspending) her campaign, and directly, clearly endorses Barack Obama (and then, maybe, after a DNA test, to confirm it was the real Hillary Clinton), only then will I exhale.

As to moving ahead, it will remain to-be-seen, just how much support she puts out.

The media circus (and leave it to Hillary to require a media circus) that is gathering for this event today, the anticipation, the hype, all the stories about her still-seething supporters, adds up to a possible classic Clintonean double-back, hold-the-phone, I've-re-evaluated-the-situation, I-won-the-popular-vote, I'm-still-in-it kind-of move.

Holy Chaotic Convention, Batman ...

Stay Tuned, Bat Fans!

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