Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Top Ten Cloves: Things About Fantasy Baseball Leagues Winning Supreme Court Case To Use Real Names

News Item: Fantasy baseball leagues can use real players' names, Supreme Court agrees

10. New line of replica Fantasy Baseball uniforms on the store shelves by mid-summer

9. Fantasy Baseball League can now start negotiating with ESPN, to broadcast fantasy games

8. Will follow real baseball and unretire No. 42 for a day in their Fantasy Baseball League

7. Real baseball players now getting deluged with emails, from Fantasy Baseballers, wanting more real information from them

6. Fantasy Baseball scouts now heading to Dominican Republic, and other areas, to scout out new, talented, Spanish-named players

5. The The Fantasy League Roger Clemens will end up having an affair with the Fantasy Country Western singer, Mindy McCready

4. Haven't figured out yet how to have Fantasy Parade, for Fantasy team that wins their Fantasy World Series

3. Opens up new areas of having fantasy players getting into steroids

2. That opens up having Fantasy George Mitchell Steroid Investigation (Well, actually, they can use the real one)

1. Many in Fantasy Baseball are taking last walk, or drive, as now, with ruling, they have absolutely no reason to leave house again

Bonus, Bonus

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