Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Laura Bush Bummer Bombing-of-the Day ... All The Little People

Well ... Well ... Well

It's been a long time.

We haven't visited with our First Lady in over a year.

For awhile, we were pumping out The Laura Bush Bummer Bombing-of-the Day posts, born of the gift of that is Laura, who summed up the plight of the invasion and occupation of Iraq, keying right in on the major issue engulfing everyone;

And many parts of Iraq are stable But, of course, what we see on television is the one bombing a day that discourages everybody ...
I suppose, if with the terror attack in Mumbai, Laura could modify that and be bummed by the one hotel bombing a day, but we're getting off-the-track with that.

For, we get news today, of Laura speaking, wistfully, perhaps, looking ahead, to her days outside the confines of the The Bush Grindhouse.

OMG! ... Laura, you're not going to recognize television when you begin resuming watching it (as we talked about in those previous LBBBOTD posts, least she glimpse a news clip with one of those discouraging bombings, she was going cold turkey on the tube).

It's all changed, so much.

Reality shows, Laura, get used to them, they're everywhere, about everything, and none of them the least bit worthwhile.

The really cool shows are on cable now, places like HBO and Showtime.

And, let's hope, for you, they keep going with that 'Dancing with the Stars' pap, that's about your speed, you will probably like that one.

But getting to your comments today, is that what you want out there?

Asked what she will miss, the First Lady responded;
"I'll miss all the people that are around us all the time. From the ushers and the butlers who are there for every president and have been there four or five administrations, to our own staff, of course, that we love to laugh with and talk with and solve problems with. And so I'll miss the people the most."

A little Leona Helmsley-ish, don’t you think Laura?

The first people you say you will miss are the ushers and butlers?

No shit, Dick Tracy!

Nice to have a staff running around, and after, you ... If you spit sideways, someone would be there to catch it, before it hits the ground.

Now, you're going to be back, down THERE, with HIM ... ALONE! (well, most of the time; Something tells me y'all aren't going to fork over the bucks to keep a staff of the size you had in the Grindhouse)

And this "Freedom Institute?

You know what that means, don't you Laura?

All the NeoNitWits will still be hanging around, as well as Darth Vader, and his Dragon Lady.

I feel for ya, hon ...

And what about this, from Meet The Press;
The first lady spoke on NBC's "Meet the Press" in a taped interview that focused largely on her advocacy for women and girls in Afghanistan. She encouraged Americans not to forget about Afghanistan, particularly as the militant Taliban, which brutally represses women, is fighting to re-establish itself.

"Our tendency in the United States is to become isolationist, become protectionist," she said. "I hope people in the United States will look outside of our life here in the United States and do what they can both financially, to be able to support the people of Afghanistan, and then every other way."
Hmmm ...

Yes, Laura, that old saw.

If you had spoken up, perhaps, when your husband was in his flight-of-fancy, slam-dunking his manhood around, maybe you could have convinced him to stay in Afghanistan, fighting Al Qaeda, and capturing that son of all your Carlyle friends' buddies, there's a good chance Afghanistan would be a bit more stable now, or at least progressing in that direction

Think of all the lost Photo Ops you missed out on, going over there, reading books with young school girls.

Dare I say, you may even, perhaps, could have been watching television again, sooner?

I suppose there are worse things than being married to the person that will do down as the worst President in U.S. History ...

I just can't think of any, right now ...

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