Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Meet The Freakshow Defender

Gregory, 38, celebrated his 30th birthday — complete with cake — aboard George W. Bush’s presidential campaign plane, the assignment that solidified his stature as a network rising star.
And to think, Stumblin' Bumblin' John McKKKain only rated donuts.

If it's Sunday, and if it's David Gregory, it's Meet The Freakshow Defender!

David Gregory, the fourth, from the lost episode, of 'My Three Sons', gets the A-Ticket.

I think Bob Cesca hit this one good;
David Gregory will be the permanent host of Meet the Press. Expect many more years of false equivalencies and fake balance.
Rumors abounded, and now Mike Allen, another pantheon of objective journalism, is confirming that "Stretch" (that's The Commander Guys affectionate moniker for him) is going to take over Little Timmy Russert's job, being, not making phone calls, not asking needed, uncomfortable questions, unless it's a long winded "Gotcha" softball, with the on-screen quotes.

Errr, excuse me, he's talked about being named host of NBC's dinosaur, Meet The Press.
The title of “moderator” — unique in network news — reflects the 61-year history of “Meet” as the premier forum for Washington insiders to talk to the country and each other.
Yeah, you certainly don't want to break tradition of 61-years of a boring, and boorish, white guy anchoring the show

And, heaven forbid, if there's not a network "news" show where Washington insiders can sit and talk, free from actually having to be held accountable for any policies or actions they undertook, rather, let's give them a "premier forum" to regurgitate their self-serving talking points, without any needlesome, penetrating questions.

Yep, Karl Rove's dancing partner will slide right into Little Timmy Russert's chair like it's a custom-fit Isitoner glove.

For instance;
David Gregory cherry picks polls to favor McCain

David Gregory Worries About Obama’s Glow

Ignoring McCain's efforts to satisfy conservative base, NBC's Gregory touted McCain's "brand" as "being a maverick and being anti-politics"

Gregory: Bush ‘didn’t jump to invade Iraq’ after 9/11

NBC's David Gregory thinks we just need to "strip away" Ann Coulter's inflammatory rhetoric to listen to her points

Hmmm ... Stretch having a few bad days, or, perhaps, a defining pattern, his "journalistic fingerprint"?

Oh, you want something a little more recent?

From Todd Gitlen's "Meet the Shallows";
Here he was his penetrating question of Sen. John Thune (R, SD) at midnight after Sarah Palin's St. Paul speech: "Senator [John] Thune, was a star born here tonight with Sarah Palin?"
Charter member of the Mommy Moose Fan Club

As with most of Gregory's time on television, the only thing missing is his red, GOP pom poms.

Just what we need, for another decade, or so, assuming, certainly, that 'Meet The Press" remains that "premier forum" for Washington Insiders to talk to each other, for it sure doesn't sound like David Gregory is going to rock that swift boat.

Looks like I'll have an extra free hour come Sunday mornings.

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