Monday, December 01, 2008

I Guess, They're Not Using Their Own "Im Feeling Lucky" Bar

You want to know who's running circles around Google News?


So say The Guardian, in a article today, throwing some well-deserved kudos at Memeorandum.

Breaking news Memeorandum-style ...Where it competes, Gabe Rivera's news aggregator gets the stories faster than Google News

If you want to know what's happening in the world, then Memorandum will tell you – at least in a couple of areas. It's an automated news clipping service, known in the trade as a "news aggregator". It provides headlines and short texts updated every few minutes, with links to the original sites, much like Google News.

Memeorandum is based on the idea of "memes" or ideas that spread across the web (along with a pun on memorandum). Someone publishes an interesting story, other people find it, discuss it, and link to it. That's how the web works. Small stories come and go quickly, while big ones generate lots of comment and dominate the page for hours.

Snip ...

Google also follows links and assesses content, but Memeorandum is embarrassingly better than Google News. Google reckons that the more coverage a story gets, the more important it is. Unfortunately, broad coverage takes a long time to develop, so Google News can run hours or even a day behind Memeorandum. This is fine for casual consumers, but if you're a news junkie – or a journalist – it's hopeless.
We mentioned, referenced and linked Memeorandum here on The Garlic (go down the left sidebar, to their News Box), especially on gigantic, breaking news, frequently.

It is, perhaps, the best, single-source to jump to in the morning, to see what's hot in the news, especially if you want to track the buzz on the blogs.

Check'em out as you can ...

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