Monday, December 01, 2008

Breaking ... Obama Team Vetting Food Tasters

Sources have told The Garlic this evening, that within minutes after announcing his National Security Team, President-Elect Barack Obama's transition squad began a scheduled vetting of food tasters, that will be employed in the administration.

"This has been in the cards for quite some time," indicated the source, an Obama insider.

"Once they won the primary, and began thinking about the "Team of Rivals" thing, this was put in motion."

It is not known who these potential "Food Tasters" are, how they will work, if they will actually taste the food for the President, or merely test it.

The Obama Team has no concerns, as to the integrity of the White House Chef, or any member of the staff.

However, guidelines are continuing to be worked out.

During Cabinet meetings, in which the President will attend, Cabinet members, and any staff, will have their own, separate table of food and beverages, the President, his own, guarded by Secret Service agents.

The President will drink from a covered, travel-type mug, and any food brought into the meetings must be sealed, and have a Secret Service escort.

Other meetings (outside of the White House), and formal events, in which Cabinet members are in attendance, a similar protocol will be implemented.

Should a Cabinet member visit the President in the Oval Office, that Cabinet member may have a full search conducted, before entering, and they will be instructed to sit, at minimum, ten-feet away from any food items the President may have in his office.

Another recommendation, that our source indicates the President-Elect was balking at, is that he must wear surgical latex gloves when shaking hands with any Cabinet member.

More, as this story develops ...

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