Saturday, December 06, 2008

Is Keith Olbermann Reading The Garlic?

Hmmm ...

We have been, for some time, a fan of Keith Olbermann's 'Countdown' program.

When he started doing his Special Comments, we featured them, in our "Minced Garlic' posts.

Now, these things have happened a few times, hearing some pundit on the tube, or seeing in another's column, something eerily and striking similar to something we put up on The Garlic.

I suppose you can chalk that up to hot news, common, or obvious deductions.

Back on Monday, 24 November, 2008, we posted;

"Breaking ... Mukasey Fainting Due To Deep Introspection; In Middle of Speech, Attorney General Suddenly Realized He Was Part of Bush Administration"

Mukasey, just before passing out, started remembering how he defend Vice President Cheney on Executive Privilege, as well as telcom immunity.

"He had particular inner grief that he was vague on waterboarding."

"Backing the President on wiretapping, and not enforcing court subpoenas was the last thing he said he could remember, before passing out."

Okay, there were numerous snarky riffs on the Crony General droppin' like a sack of potatoes, and The Garlic just happened to be one of them

But then, this past Wednesday, December 3, 2008, during Olbermann's "Bushed" segment of the program (You can watch it HERE);
Number one, our attorney general is not rational-gate. Mr. Mukasey met with reporters today for the first time since he blacked out while giving a speech defending enhanced interrogation and Gitmo and the whole post-traumatic stress bag of tricks two weeks ago.

He told the correspondents that if a military commission were to impose a short sentence on a Gitmo detainee considered to be a dangerous terrorist, it would be suicidal to release the individual even after the individual's sentence had been served. Mr. Mukasey was asked, is that justice? He answered yes.

They still don't know why the attorney general passed out during that speech two weeks ago. Apparently they found nothing medically wrong with him. I don't mean to sound crass but those with psychiatric training would probably suggest that he be examined to rule out the possibility that he collapsed under the weight of all that paranoia, delusions, revenge fantasies and hypocrisy.
Hmmm ...

"He collapsed under the weight of all that paranoia, delusions, revenge fantasies and hypocrisy"

You don't suppose ... No, I'm sure it was just a case of commonality, the obvious, satire and snark that was just begging for it.

Then again, times are tough ...

Maybe I should contact that Mayor in Turkey, see if he can help, or refer a good lawyer to me.

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